Have you ever gone streaking in Michigan? After a few too many one night did you and your pals think it would be a good idea to run through town naked? Sounds like fun, until it isn't.

I'll start by saying I am a recovering alcoholic. I am grateful for my sobriety, it doesn't matter how many days I have been sober, today is the only day that matters. That said, I used to get wild and crazy. My friends and I lived life to the fullest in our twenties. There was a lot of "Hey fellas, watch this!!!!!"

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Looking back on my twenties I can't help but think to myself, "how did we survive". We were morons. We were disrespectful. We were oblivious to common sense and hadn't yet realized our mortality.

What is streaking?

For those that don't know what sreaking is, Dictionary.com defines streaking as:

an act or instance of running naked through a public place

At one point we thought it'd be a good idea to run naked through our "towne center" naked. As we disrobed, our clever idea seemed to only get better and better. None of us had any shame so it was easy to pull off. We did the deed and survived to tell about it.

What Kind Of Charges Could You Face For Streaking?

If you are thinking about getting into some shenanigans like streaking, think again. In the state of Michigan you can get into some serious trouble. The kind of trouble that will make you think twice about doing something really stupid. It could effect the rest of your life.

Findlaw sums it up like this:

In Michigan, you can be convicted of indecent exposure a

number of different ways including intentional acts by "flashers" seeking sexual gratification, all the way to a person swimming naked alone in a lake, unaware that anyone can see him or her.

What Is Indecent Exposure?

Hold up, what the heck is indecent exposure, wikipedia says:

Indecent exposure is the deliberate public exposure by a person of a portion of their body in a manner contrary to local standards of appropriate behavior.

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Common sense should tell you that streaking is going to get you in trouble. If you are running around the "town square" in your birthday suit, that is indecent exposure and that can land you a felony charge. What might seem like a fun idea could eventually ruin your life. Try getting a job with a felony, it's nearly impossible.

Keep it in your pants and use your head. As I look back on my past streaking experience I am grateful I didn't get caught.

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