"Some things you can't buy online."

Said my wife.

"But it's a good deal. A deal of the day!" I said.

"OK. But it's not going to work." She said. With a look in her eye like she couldn't wait to say "I told you so." Not long ago, I bought an air conditioner from the same place and it was a battle returning it, but she ended up winning that one too. Even the UPS guy said "Good for her."

Our stairs are quite narrow. A few years ago I fell down them and broke my big toe sideways. I broke it off. They had to put screws in to attach it back to the foot. Wanna see the picture? Click here. 

Our stairs are dangerous. Vacuuming them with a normal size vacuum sucks. Plus, ours just died. So, I get this bright idea after seeing a great deal on that jungle of an online retailer. Get a smaller car vacuum and try that. 20 bucks... Why not? My wife thought it was a stupid idea right away.

Maitlynn reminded me "it's a CAR vacuum" it's going to have a lighter plug not one I can plug into a wall. Now I need an adapter.

They both arrive yesterday. I put them together and no kidding, the vacuum sucked! In the worst way. It wouldn't even leave a mark on my face. It barely sounded like it was running.

You would have thought I named my wife queen. The waves of satisfaction that were crashing on her beaches... It's going back with the adapter today.

I really need a good dehumidifier but some things you can't buy online. Glad they have free returns. Damn. I feel dirty.

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