Once upon a time in the 90's, Alice in Chains released Facelift. I drove from Webberville to Okemos and the Meridian Mall to buy the album from Harmony House. On the way home, I slapped the tape in the tape player and started rockin! "We Die Young" was the first track. "Man in the Box" was second. By the time I arrived in Williamston, "Bleed the Freak" came on as I drove into town. I got so lost in the music, I was doing about 60 in the 35, right when I saw the officer. I was pulled over and given a ticket. I even told the officer, "it was this awesome album that made me drive fast!" He still gave me a ticket but cut me a big break. I believe that was my first speeding ticket. Thank you, Alice in Chains!

Do you have a song or band that makes you want to drive fast?

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