Yesterday, I was hanging out in Grand Ledge at Bob's PDR LLC. We were all sitting around chatting when a car pulls up. Then, out of the car steps David Crosby!


I RAN up for a selfie. Then, I posted it to Facebook to see who I could fool.

The picture got more likes than anything else I posted this week. It beat out some pretty cute pictures of my kid.

But it really isn't David Crosby. It's longtime WMMQ listener EARL! I only know him as "My Name is Earl" but everywhere he goes, people think he's David Crosby.

He said he was recently in Florida drinking at a bar and a guy circled him where he was sitting. The guy said, "You look a lot like David him?"

No. It's Earl. Every time he shows up, I scream "LOOK, IT'S DAVID CROSBY!"

I wish you could see the looks people give him. It's not it?

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