Since late Thursday evening, we've been hearing about a story involving two neighbors, an altercation, a bunch of police and tactical officers, and a standoff. now reports that after a 14 hour standoff, officers finally entered the house in Lansing Township Friday afternoon, and found no suspect.

So, here's the neighbor hit another with a shovel on Mifflin Avenue Thursday night. The assaulted neighbor called the police. Medics showed up and treated him. Meanwhile, the neighbor suspected of felony assault holed up in his house. Police and tactical units from Lansing, Lansing Township, Michigan State University, and Michigan State Police surrounded the house for 14 hours. During that time, a woman was arrested for obstruction.

When police entered the house, finally, 14 hours later, there was no suspect to be found...despite police and tactical officers from multiple agencies surround the place...for 14 hours...for a guy who hit another guy with a shovel.

How can that many resources be utilized for that length of time, for that kind of crime, and officials come away with nothing but a description of the guy for public consumption???!!! And, no, they haven't just simply announced his name.

Meanwhile...the Lansing area is set to double its homicide rate in 2017 according to reports earlier this week. Your tax dollars are hard at work, Lansing residents!!

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