Remember that one time, before the internet? Me either! It seem the internet was always there. Well, unless you're out digging and come across an old Pine Knob magazine! Of course it was called Pine Knob before Al Gore invented the internet, if that helps your memory.

Back in 1979, the magazine was filled with the upcoming shows that included greats like Harry Chapin, Bob Seger, Beach Boys and Marshall Tucker. Then again, if not for the internet, we wouldn't have online databases that list all of the shows from that year and every other before and after. It's still kind of nice to see some old nostalgia from the days of concerts without big screens to watch the show on. When we actually relied on the entertainers to perform and not get lost in lasers and special effects. The good ol' days of Rock & Roll!

Check out the list of shows from the past on the Pine Knob Concert Database

You can also see what's coming at


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