Did you ever see the "Cocaine Cowboys" or "Narcos"? This seems like a story right out of it. Only it happened in Detroit last week. This story is really fishy.

A fella driving a U-Haul truck was pulled over in St. Clair Highway on May 10th. Coppers searched the vehicle and found a large plastic package in the truck loaded with just under 100 grand. Of course, the fella said he didn't know who it belonged to.

The fella said he ran a smuggling operation and started to singing to homeland security like a canary. He told them he used a submarine to smuggle drugs, pot and cash back and forth between Canada and the USA. His real name is Glen Richard Mousseau and he is from Canada. He told police he was hoping to take additional drugs back to Canada but thy hadn't arrived yet.

So, the authorities didn't throw him in jail, they sent him to a hotel while the investigation continued. He told the authorities on May 21st he knew of a big meth shipment arriving. Then, on May 22nd he made his escape.

Fast forward to June 5th.  Border Patrol agents saw a vessel cross the international waters and tried running it down. It ditched some cargo... over 200 pounds of pot with Mr. Mousseau tied to it, unconscious.

It sounds like the authorities were aiming for a bigger fish and Mr. Mousseau was made the patsy.

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