Say what you will about the masks and people sure say a lot... They keep your face warm in the winter.

Another bonus I have noticed is, you don't seem to smell the stinky farts or crap as bad as you used to. The other day, my kid filled her diaper and the mask made the stank much more bearable.

I HATE that I see masks blowing around outside. It's one of those sad signs of the times. And it's really gross. What kind of slob can't dispose of their own mask?

Speaking of masks, I had to go shopping on Halloween morning. Meijer in Okemos was packed! I found my Megatron hat I got a few years ago and decided to shop as Megatron.


I got so many looks, laughs and head shakes. Some people didn't even hide the fact they were taking a picture of me. One lady violated the 6 foot rule to walk up and snap a pic. The kids all smiled and waived. I fear for our future when the kids don't fear Megatron. Hasbro considered changing the name because so many kids were afraid of the name. COVID kids smiled and waived.

Anyway, no one could tell it was me so, I decided to let the farts fly. Shopping by myself, who am I holding it in for? I crop dusted that entire store but due to so many people wearing masks... Hardly anyone noticed.

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