This is a message to anyone who is thinking about cutting your own hair... MY GOD- DON'T DO IT! I tried and failed this weekend.

My wife said it was a bad idea. She told me, "the clippers we have are only good for your facial hair!"

So, I tried to do my hair with it. About 5 SECONDS in, I called my mom asking for her trimmers.

I tried it with a #3 guard, thinking, it'll be long enough... Nope. The blurry picture #4 below was when I realized I bit off more than I could chew.

My wife kept saying, "I'll do it when I feel better!"

But I didn't listen.

It was a source of laughter all weekend for her (it was nice to hear her laugh again). For me, there is terror every time I look in a mirror and forget... This is what I look like now. Maybe I'll listen to her this week?

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Lansing's Amateur Haircuts

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