Friday night, I was in Jackson at the Meijer and I saw a shirt I own. I was drawn to it like a magnet. The shirt was in excellent condition, better than mine. I wore the hell out of it. It's faded. My wife has begged me to get rid of it. It's Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Turned out the bearded dude wearing the shirt was ZacK Bigelow. His wife is Jessy Bigelow and they own the Ramshackle Brewery in Jonesville. Jessy said she listens so I got her a WMMQ shirt.

They invited me to the brewery and I told them, I haven't had a drink in almost a year. They told me for the designated drivers, like me, they offer Faygo flights of drinks. I thought that was awesome! Mostly because I love FAYGO!

You can find these guys shopping at Meijer on Friday night or at their bar in Jonesville. Click here to check out their Facebook page. 

Your shirt was even cooler than mine, ZacK!

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