I was born in Lansing and grew up in Webberville, Michigan. I live in the house I grew up in... for now. My wife and I love that our daughter gets to grow up in a small town where her neighbors are her family.

She has been home for a long time and is sick of it! She is a social bird and I used to take her somewhere every day. To a playgroup, to a therapy appointment, we always were on the move. Now, she walks to the car and makes the drive sign. We don't have a lot of places to go. So, the other day, we went on a small town tour of Webberville for our friends who have moved away and haven't seen it in a while.

The old doctors office that is now a Vet Clinic. The old church that my friends the Fuller's now own. The Webberville War Honor Roll that Tim McCoy keeps looking beautiful. The abandoned bank. The old barbershop that used to be Lloyd's is now the Ben Stiffler Farm Bureau building. The beautiful Blue Star Memorial from the Webberville Garden Club. Then, the new playground on Webberville Road. A lot has changed but more has stayed the same... Kind of like me.

Nugget in Webberville

The playground was already defaced with "Black Lives Matter" written on a swing, the merry-go-round and a Slide. something tells me it was written by a white person.

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