I have always had a bit of a "retro" flare to my style but also just think I like clothes that may look incredibly weird on the rack but somehow I can pull it off.

People always ask me "what do you even wear to work seems how nobody sees you?"

While they do have a point and despite the casual "dress code" for a radio station, I thrive on a "look good, feel good" mentality and know that making sure I am confident in the way I look will make me feel that way on the inside and those are the days I feel like I am at my best on-air.

While I do have my collection of more eclectic and "cute" fashion choices, sometimes what makes me most confident is my other collection of my various beer and band tees.

My outfit choices really just depend on how I'm feeling that day or my plans after work so some days are a bit more fancy than others.

When I saw this dress, though, I knew I had to have it. It's that perfect blend that can take me from on-air to out and about.

So here it is, friends!

Yes I did take this in the bathroom at the station

It absolutely was one of my "online shopping during quarantine" purchases from one of those random online boutiques on Facebook (ladies, you know the ones).

While it did take a long time for it to ship, I honestly don't know where it even came from, I got it yesterday and knew I wanted to wear it as soon as possible.

Now, in true "we're in the middle of a pandemic" fashion, I did also realize that it does not clash with my mask so that's a bonus too!

Don't mind how crazy my legs look, I bruise like a summer peach

I definitely did get a bit of a rush when we played Zeppelin this morning because I knew, this dress was absolutely fitting and while I know not everyone cares about what Maitlynn is wearing, this is one that was worthwhile to share!

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