If you are a fan of classic rock, you probably have a plethora of shirts featuring some of your favorite artists. Here's a guide on getting creative with them!

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my new Led Zeppelin dress and people enjoyed it way more than I anticipated which inspired me to take a look at other ways to express my music taste and my style all in one.

My collection of band tees is an ever-growing one, but sometimes I get a little bored with the classic "jeans and a tee shirt" look. Sometimes I just really want to spice it up and do something unexpected with them.

Fashion, more-so personal style means a lot to me. I don't like to put a "label" on my style and just let it be whatever it is that day. Usually it reflects what I'm doing but no matter what, I often try to make my band shirts the focal point and do something unique around it.

When I worked my retail job, our dress code was "business casual" meaning jeans and a tee were simply not going to cut it. However, I found some fun ways around it that still look a bit more put-together while still not sacrificing my personality and interests.

The fact that fashion and clothes can be so versatile and be a bridge between things I am so passionate about like music and radio makes me so happy and it is so much fun.

Whether you think fashion has anything to do with classic rock or maybe you just simply don't care about what I'm wearing, look at some of your favorite artists. A lot of thought went into their "looks." Motley Crue, for just one example, wore high-freakin'-heels!

So, I enlisted the help of my boyfriend's cousin Loren to showcase some of the different, more unique ways you can style a band shirt that surprisingly work!

How To Style Classic Rock Tees

Basically, your style is exactly that, YOURS! Dress it up or dress it down however you'd like. I hope some of these ideas spark some inspiration in you to dig up any of your old shirts and absolutely ROCK them!

Shoutout to Loren Fay for helping me out, putting up with my shenanigans all day to put this together...or should I say "hats off"?

Loren Fay
Loren Fay
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