I think it was a great decision to cancel Big 10 football this fall. The cold and the virus will be nastier in the north. There are a lot of older Spartans I was seriously worried about. The voice of the Spartans... George Blaha is one of them. He just turned 75 years old in March.

This week is tough because MSU usually kicks off their season Labor Day weekend. No Friday game, no tailgate show will be another cleat in the groin from COVID. Already robbing Spartan fans of likely magical March Madness run.

There are a number of Spartans I was worried about with health issues and advanced age because I know, if there was a season, they would find a way to be there.

No football this fall for the Big 10 but the season already kicked off Saturday. This Thursday night on the Tres' ESPN 3, you can see Central Arkansas face UAB... You might be saying "who cares" but I guarantee more people will be watching Central Arkansas than EVER before. They had their first game Saturday against Austin Peay and won 24-17. I am so excited for football, I just gave an Austin Peay score.

Saturday there are 6 games scheduled. Monday BYU faces Navy. Then, the ACC and Big whatever they are called now, 12? Kick off next week with limited fans in attendance. We'll see if they can finish the season they start.

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