I have been wanting to come back to work but watching the numbers every day. Yesterday we had over 320 new coronavirus cases here in Michigan; that is the most in June. I bet today will be even more. Why? Because things are reopening and people are venturing back out believing the worst is over. It very well may be, but yesterday secured my butt at home at least until after the 4th of July.

There are 21 states that had more new cases than Michigan, and 10 states had over 800 new cases. But 22 reported cases broke out at Harper's on East Lansing. You have to wonder how far that spread. Plus, with states like Florida, California, Texas and Arizona exploding with new cases, it's only a matter of time before someone from one of those states comes here and starts an entire new chain. That is why we need to quarantine EVERYONE who comes to our state for 2 weeks. No exceptions.

There is no doubt Michigan is one of the few states who listened to medical experts and did it right. We flattened the curve but it's curving again. At one time, Michigan had 4 times as many coronavirus cases than Ohio. Now, Ohio has nearly 3 times as many active cases as Michigan. Also, we had more virus here than all of Canada but they also have blown by us. They currently have twice as many actives than Michigan.

It's not over. The worst may very well be over, but as long as the numbers keep going up, I am not going anywhere.

Please wear a mask in public. It really does look good on you.

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