That is "Cousin Eddie" Randy Quaid in 2008. Here is Randy Quaid today.

Courtesy of Evi Quaid and
Courtesy of Evi Quaid and

He is now a Canadian refugee. In 2010, he and his wife Evi left the country claiming conspiracy. He was arrested Tuesday in Montreal for the second time. His wife posted this profanity laced video to They are more bats**** than Cousin Eddie ever was. THIS IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK! STRONG CRAZY LANGUAGE. If you skip through her non-sensical ranting he actually talks about 5 minutes in.

It's such a bizarre story and fall from grace. I had hoped he would return for the new Vacation movie but that didn't happen. He's always played some crazy characters but now I guess life is imitating art.

He won a Golden Globe award, which he once brought with him to court,  for his depiction of President Lyndon Johnson in a TV movie in the late 1980s. He will always be known for his portrayal of "Cousin Eddie" in the Vacation movie series. From the looks of it, we won't be seeing Randy Quaid in an American movie anytime soon. I hope whatever is going on in that world of his gets resolved. They look and sound like they need mental help.

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