Dean Ween is aiming to open one of the U.S.’ first-ever marijuana-friendly concert venues in Denver, his chief operating officer confirmed.

To be called Dean Ween’s Honeypot Lounge, the entertainment premises will offer a range of attractions, and, if city licenses are granted, will open on April 20, 2019, offering a safe haven where audiences can consume weed without fear of reprisals.

“I think cannabis and music make total, total sense together,” C.O.O. Michael Polansky told the Denver Post. “We think that we can offer a unique kind of musical experience for Denver and the world.”

He added that the venue would act as a center for education and wellness during the day, then offer music, theater and movie events at night, with Ween appearing “in various incarnations.”

The organization didn’t reveal the location of their planned development and said they hadn’t yet applied for the necessary licenses, with that step to be taken in the coming weeks.

Asked in 2011 what unified the variety of people who came to Ween shows, Dean – whose real name Michael Melchiondo – said, “Probably the love of marijuana that unites them!”

“I think we’re pretty dynamic," he noted. "We take people on a ride – it’s not just all heavy, all the time. We do quiet sequences and then really rocking sequences, so it naturally builds to a conclusion. But I wont back away from my first statement, it’s probably the love marijuana, and alcohol or drugs, in the overall way – that’s probably the common denominator anyway. It’s not the only thing, but I bet it’s a big thing.”

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