Are you going to get a COVID vaccine? I am waiting patiently for my opportunity and expect around fall I could get one. I would much rather take my chances with the vaccine over the virus, especially with the new variants spreading around the US. Dying on a ventilator just doesn't sound like the best way to go out. Would seeing some aging British stars help encourage you to get one???

Michael Caine and Elton John teamed up for a hilarious PSA about getting the coronavirus vaccine. They treat it like the 2 mega stars are auditioning for the vaccine spokesperson job. Elton really pulls it off.

Did you know that if you say Michael Cain in Michael Caine's voice, it sounds like you are saying My Cocaine. Seriously, try saying it.

Britain is KICKING ass at getting vaccines distributed. By next Monday, all of the nation's frontline health workers, clinically vulnerable patients, and citizens over 70 will be vaccinated.

Have you had the virus or think you have had it? Have you had the vaccine yet? If you are going to get one, you may want to read this first. 

The World Health Organization is now saying they saw signs that the virus was spreading in China AND Europe in October of 2019. Meaning, it was likely here around December of 2019. Click here to see that. 

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Click here to read more about it. 


Stars Who Were Tested for the Coronavirus

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