I bet you clicked just to see if "Thriller" was on here.

Last week, I put together a list of my favorite Halloween songs. I only went so far but this week more popped into my head that are worthy of sharing. Now, don't think of the songs about Hell or the Devil because they will soon be getting their own lists.

How can you have Halloween without a bit of CANDY? This is my favorite Cars song...

This is a REAL Halloween treat. Sammy Hagar from 1978 doing "Rock Candy" with Neal Schon from Journey. Love the hair but NOT SAFE FOR WORK, SAMMY SWEARS!

Sugar is well represented on Halloween. Sugar and the Dead? It'll be a New Year soon.

Speaking of terrible, in the late 80's there was a Guns and Roses rip off band called Dangerous Toys. They had a few songs I always play around this time of year.

Then Demon Bell from the terrible movie "Shocker."

Speaking of Shocker, a supergroup assembled to do songs for the soundtrack called The Dudes of Wrath. Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper, Desmond Child, Tommy Lee, Vivian Campbell and Rudy Sarzo... The crap I remember from the 80's.

There are EVIL women, and EVIL ways but one of the best songs about Evil is from Emerson, Lake and Palmer... Karn Evil #9.

Electric Light Orchestra had a trippy bastard with "Fire on High." Fun fact about the song is, they reversed a few lines to make it sound trippier... It worked.

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Nope. No Thriller.

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