I loved this Catington Post story. It's about a kitty who started to enjoy Olympic Beach Volleyball. I wonder if it's because of the uniforms? Click here to see the full story and hilarious video.

My cats are totally into the Olympics. My one cat cleaned his rear end watching synchronized swimming. Meanwhile, the other cat napped while Justin Rose beat Henrik Stenson for the Gold medal in Golf. Wow! Nothing gets your blood boiling like Olympic GOLF! It's been gone for 100 years and I see why. It's LITERALLY something you see EVERY FREAKING SUNDAY!

Now, Beach Volleyball is an awesome sport. It's not something on every Sunday. It gives exposure to players like Phil Dalhausser, who looks exactly like Smashing Pumpkins lead singer Billy Corgan.

Getty Images

Ever notice the difference between the men's and women's uniforms?

Today is the greatest!