While heading out to the vehicle after work, I noticed what could almost be considered as a trophy grasshopper! Sadly, it will never make the Oldsmo-buick (kind of like Boone & Crockett) record books, because of it's missing leg.

The rules state that the trophy must be in tact and attached for a period of three days or one hundred miles. Whichever comes first. In the vent of rain, the insect in question must then again dry for at least three days. Mileage excluded. That being a difficult ruling because of he risk of loss of important wings, legs or even a thorax.

So for those Michigan hunters that are not yet aware of this type of quarry, I suggest you look for a new chapter in your area. With these dry temps that we have been experiencing, I don't think it will be long before we see another locust swarm or other pestilence of biblical proportions.