Need your eyes checked, dental care or a doctor to look at that disturbing lump that appeared on your arm? Get in line Friday, February 10, 2017 for free care in Grand Ledge.

"Doctors With a Heart" will provide dentistry, chiropractic, optometry and general medical service for free for people who don't have medical insurance to cover those concerns.

You'll need to visit the offices of the providers who are donating their time - some are taking appointments, others are serving whomever gets there first.

The Lansing State Journal reports here that the doctors taking part include:

Chiropractors Ray and Charmain Lanjopoulos (517) 627-4547 and Ethan Childs (517) 627-7070

Dentists Bill Brooks and Todd Baum (517) 6274027 and Dennis Sullivan (517) 627-9081

Optometrist Andrew Schmitzer (517-622)-2020

Lansing Physician Tom Jamieson (517) 882-6605

If you are a medical professional who would like to contribute your skills and time to the cause, call Dr. Brooks or Dr. Baum at (517) 627-4027




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