When the announcement came last week that the K Mart on South Cedar Street would be closing, it brought back a flood of memories for my wife Sara Marie and me. We looked back into the recesses of our minds at some of the good and hilariously horrific memories, brought on by the news.


As a kid in the 70's, K Mart was both a place of great value for our parents and in some cases, a name that was used as the ultimate rank when verbally assaulting your friends. References to the popular blue light were often used when the battle came to cutting down your opponent! To be seen there was like almost like being caught at the scene of a crime. Even though the person calling you out was there as well, the fact that you were spotted could scar you. I guess that was just fodder for friendly heckling.

As I am now much older, I remember for many different reasons. Although the signature blue light is the most prevalent, there was so much more. The lunch counter with all of the pictures of different dining options. Hot pretzels and Icee frozen Coke and Cherry Slush, the great deals on underwear and lay-away. One blue light moment that stands out is when my parents chased it to the are that for some reason had sub sandwiches. Having more frugality than foresight, mom and dad loaded up on the subs, took them home, and froze them for future meals. Not taking into consideration that bread and the string like lettuce, didn't thaw so well and sure as heck didn't taste good!

At least we will all have our own memories as we sit and wait to see a new Mega Medical Marijuana store take it's place in the sea of green crosses and "buy here, pay here" car lots that litter one of the Capitol City's main arteries.

K Mart

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