The Gump's BBQ Crew

I met Gump last year when he came in for Free Food Friday. It's EASY to like someone who makes such delicious food. Gump is one GREAT GUY. Not long after he came in for Free Food Friday, we became friends on Facebook and I started following Gump's BBQ. (Click Gump's to go there) 1105 River Street  Lansing, Michigan 48911

He came in again for Free Food Friday this year and all he wanted to talk about was my little girl. This guy has one of the hottest BBQ joints in the city and all he wanted to talk about was how my little girl made his day. It meant a lot to me. My daughter has Down Syndrome and that doesn't stop us from loving her.

Now, the food is some of the best I have ever had. When you go to Gump's, you realize it's very cozy. I always get my food to go so no one hears me grunting and snarfing it down. Plus, there IS SO MUCH FOOD, you HAVE to share it. The other day, I went and got this burger.




















It's hard to believe my mouth wasn't big enough to fit all that burger in.

It weighed like a pound. It was so big, I drove the other half over to my wife at work. The grease from the meat had soaked into the bun. It was so good and you had grease prints on your hand when you put the burger down. I don't know where you are from but that burger just became one of my top 3 in the Lansing area.

Make sure you check out the menu before you go but Gump is one hell of a good guy and the food is something that will give Lansing some much needed flavor.

I keep trying to tell Gump people eat dinner. And after you eat at Gump's sometimes you like to sleep. It seems like the perfect dinner. IF HE WERE OPEN! Plus, he is closed on Monday and Sunday... Other than that... This is the best BBQ in Lansing. Hands down.

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