It REALLY is a family thing when it comes to the Vainner's. Saturday was the first time meeting the family at Xpert Professional Detail and Cleaning Supplies. The also run the Xpert Auto Wash on Pennsylvania.

When I pulled in Saturday, this was the first thing I saw.

So, the guy driving the car is Mathew Vainner and the man directing him is his dad Tim Vainner. Mathew drives that car at Spartan Speedway. Now, the owner of the company is Mathew's older brother Jim. Jim has employed his entire family. Step mom, sisters, brother, dad... It really is a family business.

They don't just treat each other like that. They treat their customers like family and I saw it first hand on Saturday. They not only give you great deals but also ADVICE. I saw the dad Tim give one person some pet hair remover advice. He gave them a recipe when he could have sold them a product.

They were making new friends on Saturday but they have ton of repeat business. Guys who do detailing in their spare time, rely on Xpert for products and advice. They have instructional videos and will soon be offering classes on specific projects, like the Home Depot.

The Xpert Auto Wash is doing so great now Xpert is supplying the other businesses with cleaning supplies. A lot of the stuff is made right here in Michigan. Plus, Xpert is piling up the awards. (It was hard to get a focused picture with my phone. Curse of Deb Hart)

Xpert Professional


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