The National Average of Auto Insurance Premiums is over 1,400 bucks. Here in Michigan we average nearly $2,700. #1 in the nation. We are the most expensive state for car insurance. We are #1!!!

Mrs. Pants makes the insurance decisions in our house. I asked her if she knew about the changes coming to Michigan and she wasn't aware. Basically you face a new insurance option starting Thursday:  Stick with unlimited medical coverage, go with less or seniors on Medicare can opt out. Click here to see all the stuff my wife has to worry about.

But if you are looking to reap the benefits and SAVE, you may want to contact your insurance provider before Thursday to get things set up. Click here for more info. 

"The insurance companies make more money if you stay with the higher rates," Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan said in a recent televised town hall presentation about the new system. "That’s why they’re not all over you to switch on July 2.”

For 47 years, all Michigan drivers have been required to buy potentially unlimited lifetime PIP coverage. Starting July 2, drivers can choose a different amount of PIP coverage offered at different prices. But if you do nothing, you will save nothing.

Lawsuits against at-fault drivers are expected to rise as less people will have unlimited medical coverage.

Confused? Call your agent, maybe doing nothing like me is just what you need to do.

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