Last week, I posted something to Facebook.

I got a 154 comments so far and I am treating this like "My Name is Earl" and his karma list. David Ray was one of the first to comment about where he works.

"Jerry's Automotive. We're always looking for new clientele."

From the Pants Stash
David rocking at work From the Pants Stash









Monday, when I got off the air, this was the first place I drove to meet David and check out Jerry's Automotive on MLK south of Jolly on the West side of the road. 5544 S. MLK.

David used to work at Sundance Chevrolet and couldn't say enough nice things about Terry Hanks. He said Terry "was a great guy to work for." I love it when people don't crap on where they used to work. To me, it says a lot more about them than the place they worked.

I was honored when I walked in the garage the gang was rocking WMMQ. Thanks for Rocking Jerry's Automotive!


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