Edibles, such as brownies, gummies, and cookies are becoming very popular at local dispensaries. It’s a totally different effect when ingesting cannabis products as opposed to smoking them. In what is an unusual partnership, Skymint Dispensaries and Shorts Brewing are working together to create craft beer flavored edibles.

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Scott Newman-Bale, Short’s chief executive officer, said the licensing agreement is the first of the company’s kind. “We helped them develop the flavor profile and things they could use to create similar flavors to the product,” Newman-Bale said. “It was trying to make the experience as close to the beer as possible, and that includes adding some stuff and taking some stuff out, but most of it is the fruit bases that are very close.”

The flavors they are adding to the gummies are their Soft Parade, Huma Lupa Licious, and Mosa which come from from Short’s Starcut Ciders line. Shorts has even expressed interest in continuing their relationship with Green Peak (Skymint) with future possibilities of working together on cannabis infused craft beers if Michigan ever makes that legal.

Michigan’s cannabis industry has seen major growth in the past two years with many new facilities in the state of Michigan growing and producing unique products. New dispensaries are opening almost every month, with both medical and recreational sales. The cannabis industry in Michigan now employs more than 18,000 people and product sales in 2020 approached $1 billion.

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With the legalization of pot in Michigan, a very strong new revenue source for state and local governments has been created, and now people don’t go to jail for smoking pot or eating an infused product. That’s something I never expected to see in my lifetime.


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