This is my outfit the wife helped me pull off for this year. I went to one of those Halloween stores that are like firework stores. Wow, prices on fireworks were way more affordable.

This sweatshirt I am wearing cost 40 bucks and is a size large/XL. It's more like a size small/medium. Rule #1 ALWAYS try this stuff on even if it's a pain. I felt like a sausage once I put this thing on.

Rule #2. Don't procrastinate. Mrs. Pants said "when did they tell you at work you would be doing superheroes?" She asked. "I dunno," I said, knowing it was months ago. I told her l liked the spontaneity of going out on Devil's night.

It was a madhouse, price gouge fest. Happy Halloween! To find the purple Hulk pants, Mrs. P found them in the ladies section at Walmart.

From the Pants Stash