I have been trying to give you the background music to your Halloween party all week. I started last week with this. Then, we featured the songs about witches. Some listeners made some great suggestions here. On this list we dug really deep for some lost treasures.

In this article, we will focus on the spooky creatures of Classic Rock.

Ever hear the song about the joint eating martian? Go figure Brownsville Station is a Michigan band. Cub Coda is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Waterloo.

Imagine Halloween without a spider?

A Psycho Killer?

Psycho not enough? How about Tom Cochran of Red Rider. He had a huge hit in 1991 with "Life is a Highway" but back in the 70's he was with Red Rider, YUMMM.

This USED to be just a Halloween song, then someone stuck it in the rotation year round. Warren HATED his own song. You hear it a lot on Halloween though.

You have to clap for the wolf, man.

Songs of Frankenstein? Edgar winter threw a bunch of pieces together from other songs to form this monster.

Wayne's World helped make this song of Frankenstein famous.


Before it was used as a punchline, (Don't Fear) The Reaper was a pretty chilling tune used in many old school horror flicks. But we need more cowbell.

If you were looking for something spooky... This will fit the bill.

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