The beauty of being given a platform like this is to share with all of you the things I am passionate about and maybe find someone who can relate! 

International Women’s Day is always a big deal to me and here's why.

No matter your politics, having a day to remember the successes, innovation and important advances at the hands of women is pretty awesome and empowering.

Even thanks to a woman, Hedy Lamarr, who laid the groundwork for a tool we use every day, the very tool you are using to read this right now, wifi.

It’s a saying that has been shared a lot today “empowered women empower women” and it is something that really kind of changed my life and how I viewed the world around me.

I like to think of myself as a nice person but I found I was more judgmental than I should be, especially towards other women.

Now, I make it my goal to try to lift up other women because while we have made great advances, there are still multiple facets of society that could use some work and every woman and even every person is facing a struggle you have no idea about.

The word “feminism” has become somewhat polarizing but if you look up the definition it is simply, “the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.” Everything about feminism is to just have equality among sexes, if that appeals to you, congratulations you are a feminist! 

Feminists also work to make strides for men such as advocating for men who have been sexually assaulted and trying to break down stereotypes of being the “manly man.”

All in all, International Women’s Day is not just a day for the ladies, it’s about celebrating women and their achievements against whatever odds were stacked against them.

As one of my boyfriend’s friends said today to myself and his girlfriend “You ladies are QUEENS” and with this post, I extend that message to anyone willing to accept it.

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