We have a running joke in our house and with some of the people of Webberville... The restaurant at the main light should be called "Under New Management" because so many business have failed at this location.

When I was a kid the building where the old restaurant stood burned down. I had some friends who lived above it and survived that terrible situation. Since then, pretty much everyone who has had a restaurant there has had to close up. It's like the place is cursed. Our town is STARVING for a nice place but the people are finicky. If you piss them off once, they likely won't come back. Word really travels fast in a small town.

One of the restaurants was called Danny's and I worked there as a dishwasher. He had some good food. After Danny failed it was called Webber-Bill's. I also worked there as a teenage dishwasher. One of the cooks I worked with is still a good friend and listener. So many have come and went I forgot all the names but Main Street Coney Island was the last to fail there.

I heard mumblings about it reopening and thought, NOW? during the pandemic. A quick check on Facebook and BLAM, there it is.

The owners named the place after their son. Man, I hope they succeed. Not just for them, our town needs a nice place.

My wife and I joked the sign looks to uppidy for Webberville but we will give them a shot once this place opens. Once I get info on the Grand Opening, I will share it.

Good luck, Noah's Nook!

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