I LOVE me some good nachos! And they better be good. It's astounding that such a simple dish can be so lame at a lot of restaurants. I have been known to get just a little hostile when I order food and realize I could have made something better at home. And I am not known for my culinary skills - mostly I get in My Honey's way when he's trying to make dinner.

The history of how nachos was created can be found here at NationalNachosDay.com; pretty cool story about being innovative 'on the fly'.

In honor of National Nachos Day, we ask you:

"Where in Lansing is the best place to get nachos?"

No soupy salsa to go with 'em, either. Enough cheese, but not too much. And jalapenos, you gotta have those.

Tell us your favorite place to get this delicious treat in Greater Lansing and what you like about 'em.

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