Michael McCallum has been making movies in Lansing for many years now and he keeps winning awards at film festivals around the world - yes, the world!

McCallum has been working as an actor since 1997 and making Independent movies here in Lansing since 1999. 'Buffalo', a road movie, was his fourth feature film and it stars his father, William 'Bill' C. McCallum.

Michael McCallum says: 

'Buffalo' was the first film that I've done that takes place, at least story-wise starting, here in Lansing. A lot of my other films have been shot in and around Lansing and Mid-Michigan, but never directly mentioned where the story was taking place. I love Lansing and love finding cool areas to film. I like bringing a spotlight to the local businesses of Lansing as well as the local music scene, locations and the overall flavor of the community.
We shot 'Buffalo' in and around the downtown Lansing area, as well as 'in' and in front of some special local gems such as Decker's Coffee Company (may it RIP), The Golden Harvest, Moriarty's Pub, B & I Bar, Reeder Piano, Elderly Instruments and Mike's Village Restaurant in downtown Dimondale.
Like any of my films, these locations are the perfect places to help spotlight the story and characters, but also showcase their uniquenesses (sic) as well.
'Buffalo' has won 21 awards, received 32 nominations in 33 film festivals. It's most recent honor was the Jury Award at the Red Corner Film Festival in Switzerland. It will also play, most likely the last time, at the Grand Rapids Film Festival on April 8th at the Wealthy Theatre. It can be purchased on DVD and rented online at RebelPictures.net and also purchased through Emphasis Entertainment Group. 

I love that Michael, and his father Bill, obviously have a magnificent time working together and have such love and respect for each other. Michael says this about his dad: "I work with a lot of different, talented people, but none is more important to me than my Father. He's not only my Dad, and my greatest collaborator, but he's my best friend, as well. I can go to him with anything and get a true response. He's my rock and my muse all in one. He's a wealth of knowledge and the greatest storyteller I've ever met. He's also a damn fine performer and the truest actor I've worked with on camera."

Also of note, the soundtrack to 'Buffalo' is also filled with Michigan talent: Jen Sygit, Joshua Davis, Steppin' In It, The Lincoln County Process, The Hex Bombs, Amy Jo Roberts and The Amity Front are all Michigan talent! Jen Sygit won Best Country Song at the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City for her song in the film, Sugar High.

McCallum's Lansing-based, award-winning production company, "Rebel Pictures", has new films coming out later this year - get details here.


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