This girl loves Target so much she wanted to have her birthday party there! What local business would you have a birthday at?

It all started when Twitter user Rikki Jackson (@RikDrip) shared pictures on the app of her niece's unique choice of a party theme.

She went on to note Target does not always do birthday parties but they called and got special permission from a manager who then went above and beyond for them, even making the kiddos name tags and letting them shop.

The kids went around with their little uniforms and walkies (provided by the family) and had a scavenger hunt around the store, according to CBS News.

The party was complete with ICEEs, a beautiful Target-themed cake and special "Bullseye" cake pops.

All in all, Jackson said her niece's eighth birthday was definitely one she will never forget and "She had so much fun with the Manager Albert that she does want to go back to help him checkout more customers."

We are so happy for the birthday girl and are inspired to get out and see which of our favorite store will let us have birthday parties!

Would it be weird for an adult to do this? Asking for a friend...

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