Last Saturday, I looked at my wife and told her "The kid is NOT to go anywhere."

Friday we cancelled out therapy appointments. Our daughter has Down Syndrome and LOVES her routine. Now, that the routine is gone, she doesn't get why she has to stay here.

One of the tings we did to have some fun, play dress up. She went through all of her clothes and tried putting them on. This is amazing because we have had to dress her for the last 3 years. Now, she is showing an interest in doing it herself.

She had 3 shirts on, 4 pairs of pants, when she perfectly put on this Darth Vader shirt.

Mrs. Pants got her this for St. Patrick's Day and we never got to wear it out. So, we HOPE Nug brings you a smile today and helps you forget for a few seconds.

We will get through this.



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