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The Detroit Free Press reports here that based on the federal budget passed by Congress and signed by the President Friday, the feds will not use their resources to enforce federal drug laws in states that allow legal use of medial marijuana.

That said, Michigan's Department of Treasury notified the public earlier this year that if you're a medical marijuana card holder, you're being tasked with paying a six percent sales tax on on products procured from a caregiver, or from any dispensary operating with a state-issued license. That will be on the 'honor system' for patients, as you'll have to claim purchases on annual state tax returns as a use tax.

Lansing's City Pulse has been following the state and local medical marijuana maneuvers with a close eye. There was an interesting article here in last week's issue regarding the City of Lansing's new $5,000.00 annual medical marijuana facility fees.

So far, the tally is $725,000 in fees collected by the City; it will cost an additional $5,000.00 a year for legit facilities to renew licenses.


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