According to a report from, if you're buying a used car, it is imperative now, more than ever, to have the vehicle inspected by a trained and trusted professional prior to your purchase.

Last week's flooding in the Lansing Area, and throughout the Midwest, caused damage to thousands of vehicles that may be now available for sale online and on used car lots throughout the region. Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette has issued a warning to consumers about this possibility.

Schuette is urging potential used car buyers to have any used vehicle thoroughly inspected by an experienced and licensed automotive technician to inspect for water damage. Flooding can cause hard to see damage to electrical components, including airbag and braking sensors. Water damage to the engine, coolant system and other drivetrain components are also easily overlooked.

There is a list of signs to look for when it comes to water damage to vehicles. For more details on the signs of a flooded car, visit this link to the WLNS report.

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