While you can admire his energy in defending his baby's honor...we don't think 15 shots are the answer.

So recently WDIV 4 in Detroit reported that what started as a domestic dispute ended in gunfire...all over some harsh words about a baby.

Now, I'm going to level with you all here, I don't necessarily disagree with the person who called the baby ugly, though I haven't seen it myself.

I'm sure the parents think this child is precious and I just might too if I saw it; however, I too think babies are ugly until they are at least a month-or-so old and at least have some solid facial features or something.

Like I said, I am not a parent and I am sure finally getting your baby in your arms is a very beautiful and special thing, but if we're being honest when people say your fresh, newborn baby is "beautiful" they are probably lying. They are probably just referring to the miracle that is birth.

Despite how I feel like babies kind of just look like weird little aliens for a while, I can't imagine ever actually telling that baby's parents that!

This person felt emboldened enough to say it out loud. That's when, as caught by an eyewitness' cell phone video of the incident, the dad went back to the car, grabbed a gun and fired 15-16 shots at the home!

The baby was in the car at the time and while nobody was injured, two people were arrested after leaving the scene and being caught by cops nearby.

We guess the lesson here is really to keep in mind, just because you think it (and it might be true) there are some things better left unsaid.

Check out WDIV's coverage of the incident, including the eyewitness recording here:

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While you shouldn't outwardly call a baby ugly, here are a few things you also shouldn't say to any Michigander...ever:

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