Love 'em or hate 'em, fireworks are here to stay in Michigan. Whether they are legal or not will be the question soon. Westland State Senator Glen S. Anderson will introduce legislation this week to restore Michigan's fireworks law back to its pre-2011 regulations, prohibiting the sale of Class C fireworks. This would reinstate the ban on aerial and explosive fireworks, which account for the vast majority of noise complaints and serious injuries. Click here for his contact information.

It did get a bit out of control in certain areas this year. People complaining of firework explosions since Memorial Day, In our area, it was not an issue. When I lived in Lansing back in 2007, my neighbors kept me up until 4 am with fireworks and that's when they were still illegal.

How will this affect the small business owners? Are you sick of the fireworks?

Click here to see the full story from the Detroit Free Press.

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