With snow on the way late Saturday and through the day on Sunday, local residents better heed municipal officials' demands or be ready to pay up! Absolutely ridiculous and hypocritical ordinances force residents to shovel and treat their sidewalks well before any residential streets will be cleared.

For the most part, especially in the City of Lansing, major roadways are well treated during lengthy storms and maintained throughout...unless ice is involved. But, those side streets? Well, you could gather neighbors and buy hours like Super Bowl squares to promote neighborly relations and pocketbooks.

Despite the time it takes to clear residential streets, in Lansing and Meridian Township, sidewalks must be shoveled and treated within 24 hours of the snowfall's end. Otherwise, hefty fines and charges for municipal crews to do the work for you will be on your back. You know damn well your street won't be cleared, and forget that school will likely be canceled Monday. Clear that walk!

In East Lansing, it's even more ridiculous!! Residents are expected to shovel at least every 12 hours! If snow falls before noon on a given day, it must be cleared by midnight of that evening. If snow falls before midnight, it better be cleared by noon the following day. Otherwise, you'll be visiting City Hall to cut a check! And, fat chance of your street being cleared every 12 hours!