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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Michigan Department of Natural Resources has reported that 38 year old Justin Beutel of Sanford, in Midland County, was fatally shot in a hunting accident yesterday afternoon during the opening day of firearm deer hunting season in Michigan.

South Torch Lake EMS and DNR conservation officers were called to West Elder Road and Northeast Torch Lake Drive in Antrim County around 1:00 yesterday afternoon, about 20 miles northeast of Traverse City.

Crews were unable to save Beutel.

It appears that Beutel was hunting on private property and was shot by a 45 year old Gaylord man who was hunting nearby. The two men were not hunting together, nor is it believed that they knew each other.


Investigators are still processing the evidence.

The Antrim County Sheriff’s Office and Michigan State Police are assisting the DNR with the investigation and processing of evidence.

It's expected that just under a half million people are participating in the 2018 firearm deer season here in Michigan, according to the Times Herald.

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