As a big craft beer person, I knew my exploration of Lansing and the surrounding area would have to take me to breweries so I kicked it off with Winterfest at Bad Brewing Company in Mason!


My mom invited me to come along with her, some friends from her work, and their family for an awesome party at Bad Brewing but nothing could have prepared me for how cool it actually was!

We walked in, got our drink tickets and chose from their wide array of beers and ciders including their grape cider that gets people like my mom who absolutely hate anything remotely close to beer to join the fun!


My first of the three beers I had was their "Chocolate Covered Coffee Brown" and it was perfect for standing outside under the warmers next to the beer tent where there was also live music.


We ordered ourselves some nachos and let the beers, the conversation and all the fun flow.


My second beer was one of my favorites, a nitro "No Stout About It" and I finished it out with their "P is for Porter".

We got lucky and my mom's friends also had one of Bad Brewings' fun outdoor igloos booked for the day so we warmed up and made some new pals inside.


All in all it was an awesome event and with Mason only being a short drive north from where I'm living in Jackson I will absolutely be back to try some of their stronger stuff I decided to play it safe and avoid for now. I had five tickets and wanted to be able to use them all!

Now to wait out this week for the REO Town Art and Craft Beer Festival this coming weekend.

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