I know my tenure in radio is not as long as most of my colleagues but it has been extremely interesting experiencing a "first" for many of us.

When I first dipped my toes into radio four years ago during my junior year at Grand Valley State University, if you would have told me "one day you'll be doing this from home" I would have thought you just really did not know how radio works.

Turns out it was I who did not know exactly how magically radio works and how advanced our technology has come.

It has been an incredible learning experience and an extremely fun challenge and I am so thankful for Townsquare Media Lansing for making this an option for us.

Now that we are making our way back into the studio this month, here are just some of the things working from home, something I never thought was possible with a career in radio, taught me:

Things You Learn Doing Radio From Home

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