There are lots of "Lansing" videos on YouTube, and some that are quite popular, so let's rank them. I'm ranking the Top and Most Viewed Videos on YouTube about Lansing or that have Lansing in the title.

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  • 1


    Coming in at #1 is kind of a weird one, but that's probably why it's gotten over 5.6 million views. It's an advertisement for Chuck-E-Cheese in Lansing.

  • 2

    Lansing Lugnuts

    Next, here's one that isn't trying to sell you something with a robot mouse, but it is showing off our Lansing Lugnuts. The video is from 2013 and shows off an amazing catch by then Lugnuts Pitcher (Now Detroit Tigers Pitcher) Daniel Norris.

  • 3

    Halsey at Common Ground

    This next one is from a big Halsey fan. They recorded one of her songs from Halsey's performance at Common Ground a few years ago. Plus, it comes with Spanish subtitles if you want them.

  • 4

    16-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Punched by Michigan Police During Arrest

    This video was a big news story this past summer, and the video has over 500k views because of it.

  • 5

    Singing Cashier

    Finally, here is one that isn't from anything violent or negative. It's the video of the Singing Cashier. This is his first video that got him on TV and several talent shows.

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