Dajuan Furman is in Facebook jail... Or he was in PRISON on Facebook and it pissed off the man. The Michigan State Police are investigating how Dajuan Furman was able to have a Facebook page while he was in the Carson City Correctional Facility. Click here to see the full, crazy story.

Dajuan Furman is 25 and is serving 18 to 40 years for armed robbery, assault, and weapons offenses. He has a tattoo on his arm with the word Weezy. Weezy was uploading videos from inside his cell where he was smoking something with other inmates. Of course, smoking and cell phone use is supposed to be banned in prison.

The Facebook page FREEWEEZY LETHIMGO was taken down yesterday morning.

It's clear someone smuggled in a cell phone. If Weezy hadn't posted the videos threatening "snitches" he may have gotten away with it for a bit longer.

The staff is facing criticism as the story has gone viral.




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