Wednesday, I was slingin' meat in the Meridian Mall parking lot when Al Nowka from #1 Construction stopped in to say hi. Like a lot of people, he knows someone I know and that is how the conversation started. We got to talking about his company #1 Construction Co. You can find them on Facebook by clicking here. We had a great conversation, and it's one of the more fun aspects of my "job."

Meeting people who listen. I am lucky to have so many good people who listen.

You can see more of Al's work at

I love names. I remember the first time Al Nowka called in because I thought of 3 things, like normal people with ADD do...

#1 Aldo Nova. Life is just a fantasy. The band Aldo Nova had a hit "Fantasy" in 1982. When Al Nowka says his name it sounds just like Al Nova over the phone.

#2. Al Noga. He used to be a defensive lineman for the Vikings.

#3 Then Niko Noga for some reason. Niko Noga was Al Noga's brother who played for the Lions as a special teams ace.

Now, Jelani Tavai wears #51 and it reminds me of THE ONE TIME THE LIONS HAVE WON A PLAYOFF GAME IN THE LAST 62 years. I just happened to be there.

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