Hi there, I'm Maitlynn, I have freckles and I am proud.

Whether you are a man reading this story about makeup (which. welcome) or a woman who has spent many years trying to find the right makeup to cover your freckles, there is something for everyone here.

I have freckles on my face. Always have, always will.

Now with it being summer, the sunshine making freckles more prominent, myself and my fellow speckled friends are at a crossroads.

For YEARS people have made others feel like freckles were either kind of weird-looking or they make us unique.

I know when I see someone with tons of freckles I think it is awesome and beautiful and just really unique. However, when it comes to mine, I sometimes wish I could scrub them off...and I've tried...accidentally.

With my freckles, they kind of clump together, especially on the bridge of my nose and therefore make my face just look like it's dirty.

I remember kids in elementary school telling me to wash my face or think they are being helpful by letting me know they think I still have dirt from the playground on me.

Whether you have learned to embrace your freckles or just wish they would go away, let's talk about how young people and "influencers" are dotting on our unique beauty marks.

Yes, FAKE FRECKLES. See for yourself.

This video was just one of many results you get when you type in "fake freckles" on YouTube.

Honestly, I am all about experimenting and playing around with makeup and I am not staking claim on freckles but COME ON PEOPLE.

I've seen people who rip on others with freckles try out this new "trend" and while it's not something I should be this annoyed about I am.

It's one of those things where it is annoying seeing something you used to be made fun of before suddenly become "trendy."

Now, I am assuming we are all adults here and probably have not considered drawing on fake freckles. However, if I know this crowd as well as I think I do, you will at least enjoy indulging me in a conversation about how insane this is!

If you think it's cool, by all means "you do you" but don't EVER make fun of another's natural speckling again.

Basically, I think fake freckles are stupid and if my real ones are now a "sought-after" look, you can catch me fresh-faced, rocking my dirt clumps and I encourage all my fellow freckled and fancy free folks to join me.

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