I saw this story at yahoo.com today. All I could think was the "Trailer Park Boys did this already" in "Don't Legalize It." In that "movie" Ricky tries to get the Canadian Government to keep Marijuana illegal so he can continue to grow dope and make money.

The Canadians appear to be getting ready to make recreational weed legal, according to this report. Click here to see it. (The arguments in the comments are entertaining)  If so, they would be the first G7 nation to do so. The Group of 7 used to be group of 8 but ol' Putin went solo.

But enough about alleged murderous dictators, Canada projects billions in tax revenues. Their stock markets already saw a boost. They believe they can regulate and control it, keeping money away from the criminal element.

The Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the current laws apply until the details are all finalized.





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