Henry Ford Allegiance has become one of the first hospitals to get new cancer radiation technology that targets tumors and preserves healthy tissue.

As reported by MLive, the Halcyon is a smaller, more comfortable for patients tool that uses an extremely precise beam for radiation treatments on tumors.

The beam, according to the article, "conforms" to the size and shape of the tumor which lessens the risk of damaging the healthy, surrounding tissue and could reduce the amount of time a patient needs radiation treatment.

Henry Ford Allegiance Health Medical Director of Radiation Oncology Annette Kretzler said they used the Halcyon on a patient back in December and were impressed by its ability.

Not only will the Halcyon be easier on the patients using less time and protecting healthy tissue, but it will also make it less of a challenge to come up with a new treatment plan once tumors start shrinking.

Kretzler said the machine is most beneficial for patients with tumors, specifically, in the head, neck, lung, pelvic and genital areas where healthy surrounding tissue needs to be protected most.

While this treatment option may seem so high-tech and exclusive to certain patients, Kretzler assured it is available to anyone who they feel needs it.

Henry Ford Allegiance also made sure to make the room with this crazy, revolutionary machine feel less like a cold and mechanical environment from a sci-fi film with light cover panel, plants and nature scenes.

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this new treatment tool, it is now available at Henry Ford Allegiance in Jackson.

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